Welcome to Pilates with Kelly. I am an instructor that is a true believer in the Pilates method. Like with anything that is life impacting, Pilates is an ever evolving journey. The practice draws out uniform development not only in your body but in your mind and spirit.

First and foremost I am a student of the method who is fascinated daily by the work that Joseph Pilates left behind. I have always been intrigued with physical fitness but was constantly running into pain due to alignment issues. For years I believed that my issues were just the cards I was dealt. Once I found thoughtful movement that focused on developing the muscles as well as the mind uniformly, my alignment and body image developed into something congenial that could carry me through life.

I started my Pilates teaching journey in 2014 at Align Pilates, now Six Degrees Uptown, when I was certified through their comprehensive teacher training program. As I delved into the world of Pilates I decided that I wanted a deeper look into the genius that is Pilates. As I have furthered my studies at The Pilates Center in Boulder CO, it has become clear that everything within the method has a purpose, there are no arbitrary movements and no wasted energy as you learn how to suspend and defy gravity. 

To supplement my Pilates training I have studied at the Postural Restoration Institute. Looking at how not only the muscles can influence the body's tendencies but how we breathe and our vital organs can pull us into excessive asymmetries. As I learn more about the asymmetries of the human body and where they originate from I become more confident in the intelligent design of the Pilates Method.  

I am an independent contractor that offers private lessons at both Kelly Sams Pilates North Loop as well as Alotapilates St. Louis Park. Group classes are offered at Alotapilates St. Louis Park. Book a lesson or class today by emailing info@kellysamspilates.com or call 612-518-6929.